Mapping the data landscape

After considering what types of data you are using, draw a map of your data sources and data flows (where does the data go on its journey to its users?).

If you do this with your delivery partners, this can be useful in unpicking where, how, and by whom data quality issues need to be managed.

It's important to optimise the resources you use in managing data quality. So, you need to identify your priorities.

The starting point should be understanding who is using the data and for what.

Within your map the data should flow through/to users, some of whom will also be producing the data. In development projects, typical data users will include:

  • Beneficiary communities
  • Beneficiary-facilitators (think national and local governments)
  • Delivery partners
  • Programme and contract managers
  • Other development practitioners (think about sharing your knowledge)
  • The ultimate financers (think governments/Parliaments)
  • Evaluators
  • Mid-level managers (think about those not directly involved in Programme Management but who form a link with the ultimate financer)